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Last updated: 10 October 2005 16:29
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2005 Ergas Australian Elite Junior Training Squad

10 October 2005:

An effort is being organized to enter games from the tournament into a database which will then be made available for download on this site.

If any of the participants have their games in electronic format, could they please email them to the webmaster (in any format).

5 October 2005:

Photo gallery added. Click here or on the Photos button on the left.

2 October 2005:

The day started with group photographs of squad members, invited participants, coaches and invited adults.

There were some very closely matched games in the last round - with at least three boards with only seconds on the clocks of both players.

The closing ceremony was held at 1.00 pm, with the State Member for Box Hill, the Hon Robert Clark making a short speech and handing out the prizes. Mr Clark noted that he had played chess in St Albans in his youth. He acknowledged the sponsorship of Mr Henry Ergas, without which the squad training could not have taken place. He praised all the squad members for their hard work during the week and wished them all well for their future chess tournaments.

Jenni Oliver made a short speech. She presented the parents who had provided billeting with a box of chocolates. In addition, chocolates were given to the four adults who participated in the tournament: David Hacche, Marcus Raine, David Flude and Dennis Bourmistrov. She also presented Trevor Stanning and Kerry Lyall chocolates in recognition of their hard work in organising the tournament and making it run smoothly.

Squad members were presented with either a book, book voucher or a large bar of chocolate. Jenni talked about good sportsmanship - in particular noting Dusan Stojic's offer to restart his clock when his opponent arrived almost half an hour late for a game.

Refreshments were then served and squad members, parents, coaches and administrators had an opportunity to socialise.

Lost items:

A jumper and an ear-ring were left at the Box Hill Chess Club after the closing ceremony. Could the owners please contact the club to organise their return.

1 October 2005:

Some more upsets today. Please see Rounds 4 to 6 on the Tournament Results page.

All participants were reminded that the venue changes tomorrow - and will be at the Senior Citizen's Centre in Carrington Road, Box Hill.

30 September 2005:

Stephen Mayne (former President of the Doncaster Chess club) from Crikey opened the Ergas chess tournament. He gave a short speech to the squad.

The following article appeared in Crikey: Chess, Howard and the Box Hill town hall.

There were a number of upsets today - please see Rounds 1 to 3 on the Tournament Results page.

28 and 29 September 2005:

The 28 children broke into four rating groups and spent half a day with the following coaches: GM Ian Rogers, GM Darryl Johansen, IM David Smerdon, and FM Geoff Saw.

At morning tea time on the 29th, the squad assembled to sing, "Happy Birthday" to Jason Hu who turned 18. Then, the group went outside to watch Carl Gorka, a FIDE rated chess player give a wonderful demonstration of fire eating.

(Click on an image to enlarge)

The club computer is now on-line - and we will send through results of the tournament tomorrow as they become available.

27 September 2005:

Kerry Lyall, Secretary, Whitehorse Junior Chess welcomed special guests including the Hon Bruce Atkinson, Liberal Spokesperson for Sport and Recreation and Jason Lebisch who attended on behalf of Anna Burke, children and parents to the Ergas Chess Training Squad.

She thanked the following people who have been instrumental in the preparation and organisation of the Training Squad. They included:

  • Gerrit Hartland, Club Captain of the Box Hill Chess Club;
  • Trevor Stanning, Treasurer of the Box Hill Chess Club;
  • David Flude committee member of the Box Hill Chess Club;
  • Gladys Liu for assistance with publicity;
  • Shaun Fielder for assistance with the website;
  • Jenni Oliver from Canberra;
  • lecturers and coaches;
  • parents providing billets Gladys Liu, Rowena Moyle and Liz Wallis.

The Hon Bruce Atkinson formally opened the Ergas Chess Training Squad. In his speech, he mentioned that he had played chess when he was younger and had invented his own variation of chess.

The Whitehorse Leader took many photographs, including shots of Emma Guo playing Ian Rogers. Channel 31 filmed the opening ceremony.

Tamzin Oliver unfortunately missed the first day of lectures, as she was ill with the flu and resting in bed. The other 27 children then attended lectures by GM Ian Rogers, FM Bill Jordan and IM Robert Jamieson.


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