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Our Venue since 2006.

After an uncertain period in early 2006 the venue for the tournaments and the coaching programs of the Box Hill Chess Club and the Canterbury junior Chess Club are now settled at Emulation Hall at 3 Rochester Road Canterbury 3126.

Since moving in there have been many improvements in our accommodation and facilities 

Our location
3 Rochester Road Once seen never forgotten. On the right, schematic floor plan:


  1. Playing Hall 195 m2 
  2. Analysis Room.77 m2
  3. Stage 20 m2
  4. Kitchen.
  5. Male Toilets
  6. Female Toilets
  7. Foyer.
  8. Main Entrance.
  9. Side entrance with disabled access.
  10. Equipment storage.
  11. Disabled toilet
  12. heaters
  13. Computers with internet access..
  14. Upstairs access
 The playing Hall before we moved in
 Our first sponsored tournament. The 2007 Autumn Cup
 2007 Interclub competition at the venue
 The first round of the 2007 Interclub Competition
 Improvements in lighting and heating
 2007 Victorian junior at the venue
Under 12 competition with 80 players Round 3 ready to start 

Box Hill Chess Club… Now settled in Canterbury

After a period of unsettlement in 2006 now in the second half of 2007 we can say that the venue is working for us and we have found that we can accommodate large tournaments with up to 100 players. The estimated maximum has so far not been tested but in the Victorian Open Championship with 82 starters there seemed to be room to spare. We have not  yet tested the capacity of the second story which is available for special occasions.

This year we have a rent sharing arrangement with Chess Victoria which has brought the Victorian Open Championship, the Victorian Junior championships, The Victorian Interclub competition, and in November the Victorian Championship and Reserves. to the venue

One of the nicest thing about the venue is that generally the tables the chairs and the pieces can be left and equipment only needs to be put away before the second Tuesday of the month when the landlords use the whole of the building for their meeting.

We have found the parking adequate although limited during working hours during the week. and parking restrictions are generally enforced. The closeness to the Canterbury railway station makes public transport a good option for many players. The railway station is also a viable option for parking on week-ends or after 6pm on week-nights. (Juniors would need to be supervised across the busy Canterbury Road on week-nights).

The venue has an analysis room which has become an important feature at the Club. It is a place where weaker players may get advice from stronger players after the nightly game. It is a place where players not engaged in a tournament can play a friendly game. It is however not a place for raucous behaviour or the dreaded transfer games so beloved by some of our junior members.

Our program for  2007 is already larger than the one we had in 2006 and hopefully in 2008 and beyond we will further our involvement in Victorian Chess and the local community 

Box Hill Chess Club… Accommodation features.

The Club meets Friday nights from 6.30pm till late on 45 out of 52 weeks of the year, and from 5.30pm till late on Tuesdays on 35 out of 52 weeks of the year.

Playing Areas

The main playing area is over 200 square metres with player accommodation of up to 100
I has good lighting and is heated and ventilated. There is internet access

The analysis room  can accommodate up to 40 players or large coaching groups.
I also has good lighting and is heated and ventilated. There is internet access via 2 computers
It is carpeted

Auxiliary Areas

Kitchen with refrigerator, urns, micro wave oven, is where we cater from for our Sunday tournaments and our big Friday night events

Toilet facilities Adequate male and female toilet facilities are available at the front of the hall. There is a separate disabled toilet

The Cloakroom is the place where unclaimed garments are kept until the end of the year



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