2005 Vic Junior Championships

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Presented on behalf of Chess Victoria by  Whitehorse Junior Chess Inc. ABN 52 352 957 553

Tournament 1

Under 18, Under 16, Under 14, Boys and Girls


8 rounds. Two weekends: April 23, 24; April 30, May 1

Entry fee:  $45 less $10 early bird discount if paid by April 10

Rate of play: 90 minutes plus 30 seconds from move one.

Tournament 2

Under 12, Under 10, Under 8, Boys and Girls


8 rounds.  One weekend: May 14, 15.

Entry fee:  $35 less $10 early bird discount if paid by May 1.

Rate of play:  40 minutes plus 30 seconds from move one.

Playing schedule:  Saturday May 14 
Round 1 10.00 Round 2 12.15 
Round 3 14.30 Round 4 16.45
Sunday May 15 
Round 5 10.00 Round 6 12.15
Round 7 14.30 Round 8 16.45

Prize giving at the completion of all games

Titles and eligibility

Each entrant is required to nominate the title for which he / she wishes to compete. Tournaments to determine titleholders may be combined or held separately, according to the number of entrants and the titles for which they elect to compete. Where more than one title is to be determined in a tournament, the highest-scoring eligible player in that tournament shall be awarded the title in the highest age group within the tournament concerned. A female player is eligible to hold one girls title and one open title in the same or in different age groups. The 2004 Championships will determine holders of the following titles

Title Year of birth [or later]
Victorian Junior Champion 1987
Victorian Girls Champion 1987
Victorian under 16 Champion 1989
Victorian Girls under 16  Champion 1989
Victorian under 14 Champion 1991
Victorian Girls under 14 Champion 1992
Victorian under 12 Champion 1993
Victorian Girls under 12 Champion 1993
Victorian under 10 Champion 1995
Victorian Girls under 10 Champion

Carrington Centre 79 Carrington Road Box Hill.
Ratings: All games in the will be rated on the ACF ratings list. 
Prizes: 50 % of entry fees received.
Trophies and prizes for winners in all age groups.
Payments: Cash, or cheque to Whitehorse Junior chess inc.
Entries: by mail to the address below or in person at the Box Hill Chess Club.

Enquiries: Gerrit Hartland tournament organiser
Telephone 9878 3163. E-mail: gnandjfhartland@bigpond.com
Postal address: 6 Andrew Street, Forest Hill 3131

Enter early [ before April 10 ] and pick up the $10 discount.

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